Chris Cesario — Northeastern University

Christopher Cesario


Clinical Professor; Senior Director of Clinical Education

Physical Therapy, Human Movement, and Rehabilitation Sciences


Dr. Chris Cesario started his clinical career in acute care at New England Baptist Hospital. Over his 8 years there, he treated patients in a variety of settings and diagnoses, including their subacute rehab unit, occupational health department and outpatient services. His primary clinical expertise was in outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine.

He completed his MBA and after spending 5 years at the Boston University Physical Therapy Center, he changed careers to work in hospital administration in the Department of Surgery at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. After almost 3 years in that role, he joined the faculty of the Department of Physical Therapy, Movement & Rehabilitation Sciences in the fall of 2010.

Dr. Cesario teaches in the administrative classes, focusing on leadership, administrative issues specific to physical therapists and business principles. He has also redesigned the clinical education matching process to be more holistic, using data from both students and clinical partners to find the best matches for all stakeholders.