Andrea Konetzny, Northeastern University

Andrea Konetzny


Grants Administrator
Portfolio: Applied Psychology, Nursing


Andrea Konetzny has moved to the Post-award side of the house, managing the grant award portfolios within the School of Nursing and Applied Psychology department. Andrea started in BCORe within pre-award as an intern in 2019 and then as a temporary grants administrator from 2020 thru early 2021, and re-joined in November 2022. She holds a BS in International Business from Santo Tomas University in Colombia and a Master’s in Business Administration from Framingham State University.

Andrea recognizes and enjoys this new professional challenge that involves a significant amount of work over the award, including monitoring the expenditures to ensure that expenses are correctly charged and reimbursed according to award terms. Submitting timely payroll changes for faculty and staff and preparing financial reports to analyze spending patterns. She hopes that her new time managing post-Award would help her prepare to become a Certified Research Administrator.