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Bouvé Women Who Inspire Webinar Series

At Northeastern’s Bouvé College of Health Sciences, we’re drawing upon the depth and breadth of our expertise to advance science and practice, identify solutions, and inspire and prepare the next generation of clinicians, educators, researchers, innovators, leaders and advocates.

In this webinar series, we feature some of Bouvé most prominent women and the critical work that they have been doing. Speakers will share stories from their work on the front lines, talk about experiences that have shaped their practice, and share insight on key shifts and trends they anticipate in the transforming healthcare landscape.

Webinar Series

JUL 09, 2020

Challenges and Impact of Schooling from Home During COVID-19


Covid-19 has shined a spotlight on educational disparities for children. Beginning in March 2020, schools across the US shuttered their doors for what would be the remainder of the school year. Families were charged with the burden of educating their children at home while working either at home or in the community. Covid-19 has revealed marked educational disparities between children in higher income and lower income communities in terms of the amount of teacher delivered instruction, access to technology devices, and digital connectivity.

This conversation will focus on recent research of parents’ experiences with schooling from home. We will consider the potential impact on children’s learning, as well as how this “new normal” may affect family eating habits, physical activity, social connectivity, and mental health. Discussion is encouraged to generate ideas, especially around opportunities for resilience and strategies to help families overcome the many obstacles yet to come.

Dr. Amy Briesch — Applied Psychology Northeastern University

Amy Briesch, PhD
Associate Professor, Director of School Psychology
Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Dr. Jessica Hoffmann — Applied Psychology Northeastern University

Jessica Hoffman, MEd, PhD
Associate Professor of School Psychology
Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Dr. Robin Codding — Applied Psychology Northeastern University

Robin Codding, PhD
Associate Professor of Applied Psychology
Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Dr. Christie Rizzo — Applied Psychology Northeastern University

Christe Rizzo, PhD
Associate Professor of Applied Psychology
Bouvé College of Health Sciences


JUL 16, 2020

Leadership and Innovation During COVID-19

With Rebecca Love MSN ’08 and Hannah Rosenblatt HS ’20

Rebecca Love — Northeastern University

JUL 23, 2020

The Challenges of Contact Tracing in the Era of COVID-19

With Dr. Neil Maniar, and guests

JUL 30, 2020

Mental Health and Peer Support for Clinical Practitioners Amid COVID-19

With Dr. Alisa Lincoln, and guests

AUG 6, 2020

Future of Pharmacy: Innovative Careers and Practices

With Dr. Andrew Orr-Skirvin, Rebecca Velez Frey and Melanie Smith

AUG 20, 2020

A View from the Frontlines of Post-COVID Rehabilitation

With Dr. Kristin Curry Greenwood, and guests

Past Webinars

JUN 18, 2020

Community Nurses Caring for Our Most Vulnerable Through COVID-19

Janet Rico, Assistant Dean of the School of Nursing at Northeastern University

School of Nursing Assistant Dean, Janet Rico, and Clinical Professor, Laura Mylott, highlight the work of nurses caring for the most vulnerable in community settings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their conversation will focus on nurses practicing in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes, homecare, hospice, schools, and homeless shelters, who have been providing care with less than optimal resources, and putting their own safety at risk to support patients outside of the hospital setting. Many have faced ethical dilemmas and held up under incredible stressors, including grief. In spite of all that, they have shared the common themes of professional pride and joy in making a huge impact. Their work is truly inspirational.


Janet Rico, PhD, MBA, NP-BC, FANP
Assistant Dean
School of Nursing
Bouvé College of Health Sciences

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The Post-COVID 19 Translate Center is a multidisciplinary, interprofessional learning and discovery environment fueled by clinical experience, designed to deliver innovative critical long-term solutions for individuals, communities and populations in recovery from the COVID-19 virus (C-19).

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