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16 Nov

Bouvé professor receives grant for ‘Active Brain, Healthy Brain Exercise Program’

Therese Pirozzi is an associate professor in Bouvé College’s Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Northeastern University. She is a practicing speech-language pathologist with a focus on language and health literacy of low-income families, neuroplasticity of the brain, and the effects of brain injury on survivors and their families. Over the summer, she received […]

19 Oct

James Earl Jones done as Darth Vader, but his voice will live on because of AI

This is just the latest example of how vocal AI is making its way into Hollywood—and reshaping the industry in the process.

21 Jul

Bouvé faculty members recognized by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Congratulations to two members of Bouvé College of Health Sciences' Communication Sciences & Disorders Department on their recognition by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

12 Jul

Giving voice to the voiceless: VocaliD’s exciting next chapter

After seven years in the lab and another eight as the company VocaliD, the operation was recently acquired by AI platform Veritone.

15 Jun

What is Justin Bieber’s rare neurological condition?

The news that Justin Bieber was experiencing partial face paralysis due to a rare neurological condition left people asking, “What is Ramsay Hunt syndrome?”

14 Mar

Students participate in first-ever interprofessional education event for the School of Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences

Students worked together to solve problems in the care of a patient with advanced Parkinson's Disease in the School of Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences' first-ever interprofessional education event.

17 Feb

Dr. Ralf Schlosser recognized as expert in Communication Aids for Disabled

Schlosser has been recognized in the top 1% of scholars writing about Communication Aids for Disabled over the past 10 years.