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First-Year Student Programs

Bouvé understands that the student’s first-year of college is a milestone and seeks to make the transition from high school to college as smooth as possible. To facilitate this transition, the OSS offers a number of opportunities for students to establish a strong connection to Bouvé and the Northeastern community. Social and academic events complement the personalized advising each student receives within our office.

Living and Learning Community (LLC)

Living and Learning Community (LLC)The Bouvé Living and Learning Community is a residence option designed specifically for first-year students enrolled in the Bouvé College of Health Sciences. Students benefit from participating in a community that fosters a balance between their academic and social needs while providing closer interaction with faculty and greater exposure to the health professions. Bouvé LLC seeks to develop leaders actively involved in their communities. Accordingly, residents are expected to contribute to the learning atmosphere of the floor(s) and actively participate in community projects and activities.

Introduction to College

The first semester of college is a time of major adjustment for students. This adjustment occurs not only academically, but also socially and emotionally. Understanding the transition being made, Bouvé offers an Introduction to College seminar for all first-year students. Students connect with a faculty member in their major while learning fundamental skills that they will use throughout their career at Northeastern.

Bouvé Fellows Program

Bouve FellowsMarjorie Bouvé Fellows are upper-year Bouvé students who serve as peer mentors for first-year students as they transition academically and personally to Northeastern University. In order to assist first-year students with their academic transitional needs, Bouvé Fellows serve as both mentors and co-instructors of “College: An Introduction” seminars. They also foster community development through programming and other mentoring roles. Bouvé Fellows participate in training programs so that they are prepared for their roles and provided with the tools needed to be the best mentor possible to first-year students and the Bouvé Community.

Community Service

As a health sciences college set in an urban environment, Bouvé makes it a priority for our students to understand the importance of community service. During their first year, students have the opportunity to participate in community service through their “College: An Introduction” seminar and through special College service activities. Current first-year students have participated in Habitat for Humanity, volunteered at Community Servings, a food kitchen for HIV/AIDS patients in the Boston area, the Boston Light the Night Walk, and many other Boston-area events.