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Office of Student Services

The Bouvé College of Health Sciences, Office of Student Services (OSS) provides a broad range of transitional and developmental services and programs to assist Bouvé students in their academic studies and enhance their overall educational.

Bouvé College strives to guide and support students in the successful achievement of their academic and professional goals. Our team of committed academic advisors is at the core of College initiatives designed to both support and promote student growth and self-reliance within the University community and the student’s chosen profession. The OSS team serves as advocates for students and liaisons with College faculty and other University constituencies.

Bouvé understands that the student’s first year of college is a milestone and seeks to make the transition from high school to college as smooth as possible. To facilitate this transition, the OSS offers a number of opportunities for students to establish a strong connection to Bouvé and the Northeastern community. Social and academic events complement the personalized advising each student receives within our office from the first year through graduation.

Spring Registration

Graduate registration begins Nov 9
Undergraduate registration begins Nov 13

Featured Spring Courses

Spring registration is around the corner. Popular courses offered explore both traditional healthcare practices and emerging trends. Due to high-demand, these introductory courses are now open to students across the university.

• Alternative Medicine (HLTH 2302)
• Contemporary Issues in Nutrition (HSCI 1106)
• Drug Development and Translational Medicine (PHSC 1555)

New Combined Majors

As the healthcare industry evolves, combined majors grow increasingly popular. With these distinctive degrees, students gain a unique set of skills across disciplines and can offer specialized experience and perspectives for future employers.

• Data Science & Health Sciences
• Environmental Engineering & Health Sciences
• Health Science & Business Administration

Meet the Team

Demetrius Richmond - Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Demetrius Richmond

Senior Director of Student Services


No headshot available

Courtney Lewis

Associate Director of Academic Advising


Olivia LeClair - Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Olivia LeClair

Academic Advisor — Health Sciences


José Roman - Bouvé College of Health Services

José Ivan Roman

Academic Advisor — Physical Therapy


Deanna Harding - Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Deanna Harding

Academic Advisor — Pharmacy


Yaneli Townsend - Bouvé College of Health Services

Yaneli Townsend

Academic Advisor — Health Sciences, Pharmacy


Patrick Fama - Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Patrick Fama

Graduate Academic Advisor


Mariana De Paula

Mariana De Paula

Graduate Student Services Coordinator


Tess Spector Prague - Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Tess Spector-Prague

Academic Advisor — Nursing