Student-Faculty Meet and Greet

Hosted by
Eugene Tunik
Associate Dean for Research

Carmen Sceppa
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate students interested in gaining research experience, will get exposed to the research opportunities available to them at Bouve College. Although this event is focused on freshmen, all undergraduates are welcome to attend. Students will meet faculty and peers who have been involved in research, engage in conversations about the process of finding a research project and/or lab, and developing a sustained and productive relationship with faculty mentors during the college experience and beyond. Students will also have an opportunity to ask peers about time-management between research and course schedules, how the research experiences benefitted their college experience and post-college aspirations, and other FAQs. Students will also interact with members of some of the research clubs at NU, and learn about available research fellowship opportunities. Pizza and drinks will be provided.

For inquiries, please contact Ben Brown,

Frequently Asked Questions about Undergraduate Research at Bouvé College

Q: Can undergraduates participate in research teams at Bouvé College?

Yes! A good place to start your search is through the Bouvé College Office of Research (BCORe), which provides helpful information on Bouvé’s research centers, affiliations with other research groups, and University-wide resources.

Q: What do undergraduates do on research teams at Bouvé?

This varies a lot depending on the lab. You may help with literature review, subject recruitment, data collection / analysis, lab management, and paper / grant preparation. We encourage you to have this conversation with the lab director.

Q: May I pursue research for course credit?

Yes! You may submit a proposal and register for a Directed Study, which consists of independent research under the guidance of a faculty member. Bouvé students may also consider completing Junior/Senior Honors Projects. The goal of the Bouvé Junior/Senior Honors Project is to foster creativity and exceptional scholarly work and assimilate students’ educational experiences. Bouvé Honors projects provide students with the opportunity to explore their chosen discipline in greater depth, with guidance from a faculty mentor.

Q: Where in my academic program or curriculum plan can I include research?

Whereas a directed study may fit into most curriculum plans, some curricula may present limitations depending on the specific major. Please schedule a meeting with your academic advisor to discuss the timing and feasibility of pursuing research for credit based on your specific major and/or curriculum plan.

Q: Are there any financial implications of adding research for course credit?

There may be financial implications if a student overloads on course credits by adding research for course credit. You are encouraged to speak with your advisor about adding research for course credit.

Q: Are there reasons why I should consider research as part of my undergraduate education?

Undergraduate research may provide valuable opportunities for experiential learning, professional networking, mentorship, academic honors, future career avenues, and enhance the list of references that a student can use when looking for postgraduate positions, among other benefits. Research experience may also enhance a student’s profile to compete in professions where practitioners often contribute to the growth of a field through research (e.g. medicine, academia, industry, etc.)

Q: What is the typical time commitment for an undergraduate who participates in research at Bouvé? One semester? Two years? How many hours per week? Daytime or evening hours?

Commitments will vary greatly depending on a research team’s needs. Some labs may require the student to be present in the lab, while others may be OK with the student doing work outside the lab. Some labs may only need a couple of hours per week, while other labs may need ten hours per week. Similar lab-specific needs apply to the schedule of work (daytime vs. evening), dress code, and lab-specific training / preparation. You are advised to discuss these specific needs with the lab director and see how they fit with your schedule and priorities.

Q: How do I find out about research opportunities for undergraduates at Bouvé? Is there an application process to participate in a research team? Are there application deadlines?

A good place to learn about research opportunities is to search through the Explore Research Opportunities and the Connect with Faculty Members webpages. These links can also be found on the Bouve Research webpage. On the Bouve Research webpage, you can also find individual faculty profiles in the About tab at the top of the page. Please search all these pages to find labs / faculty that interest you. Once you identify a few faculty, please contact them by email with an inquiry. Remember to write the email in a professional tone, briefly describe your major and research interest, and attach your CV or resume to the email. If you don’t hear back right away, don’t be discouraged. It is likely that the faculty member is busy and may have missed your email. If you don’t hear back in a few days, please send a follow up email. If you are still having trouble connecting with a faculty member, you can also reach out to the Associate Dean of Research for assistance (see the Bouve Research website for contact information).

Q: Are there fellowships or awards for undergraduate research?

Yes there are. Please visit the Fellowships webpage at the undergraduate research office.

Q: What are best practices or the most appropriate etiquette for inquiring about research opportunities? Are there examples of correspondence with faculty or lab personnel that are particularly effective?

A good way to begin is an email along the following model. Feel free to use this, or edit it to fit your needs.

Dear Dr. Smith,

I am [your name here] and am in my [X] year at Northeastern, majoring in [Y]. I have been interested in [list research area] and recently came across your work in [list the faculty member’s area of research]. After having read your paper [you should try to read one of the papers!], it is clear to me that your research aligns with my interests and I would appreciate talking with you about the possibility of doing a research experience in your lab. Please let me know if there is a convenient time I can meet with your over the next couple of weeks. My resume is attached to this email.


Date: April 3, 2018
Time: 5:00pm – 6:50pm (Pizza at 5 – 5:30)
Location: West Village F, Room 020
RSVP Date: March 21, 2018