Program Overview

Accepted applicants to Northeastern’s Physician Assistant Program have the opportunity to pursue a joint degree, the PA/MSHI, which is offered by Physician Assistant Studies Program in conjunction with the Graduate Program in Health Informatics. Enrolling in the PA/MSHI Program allows these students to earn two degrees in a shorter amount of time than it would to earn them separately, saving time and money, while preparing students to become leaders in managing and using information and information technology to improve health care.

Earn two advanced degrees at once

Prepare to be a leader in the future of health care

Broaden your academic training to the application of information and information technology to health care


Students enrolled in the dual degree program take classes that meet the curriculum requirements for both an MS in Physician Assistant Studies and an MS in Health Informatics. The dual degree is structured to give students maximum flexibility while incorporating health informatics to complement their studies.

PA/MSHI students begin their program by taking the majority of their MSHI coursework online or on campus from January to mid-August before coming to campus at the end of August to begin their PA coursework. During the two years of the PA program, they complete the remainder of their MSHI coursework concurrently so that when they graduate, they are awarded their MS in Health Informatics at the same time as their MS in Physician Studies. Please see the sample course map below for more information (course sequence and timing may vary)

Semester MSHI Courses PA Courses
  • Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Creation and Application of Medical Knowledge
  • Improving Patient Experience Through Informatics
  • Strategic Management and Leadership in Health Care
  • Patient Engagement Informatics and Analytics
Semester MSHI Courses PA Courses
  • Advanced Anatomy and Physiology 1
  • Healthcare Delivery
  • Physical Diagnosis and Patient Evaluation 1
  • Pharmacology 1
  • Professional Issues for Physician Assistants
  • Principles of Medicine 1
  • Principles of Psychiatry
  • Anatomy & Physiology 2
  • Physical Diagnosis and Patient Evaluation 2
  • Pharmacology 2
  • Clinical Laboratory and Diagnostic Methods
  • Principles of Medicine 2
  • Clinical Neurology
  • Principles of Pediatrics
  • Principles of Surgery
  • Principles of Medicine 3
  • Principles of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Principles of Orthopedics
  • Aspects of Primary Care
  • Emergency Medicine and Critical Care
  • Aging and Rehabilitation Medicine
Semester MSHI Courses PA Courses
  • Evaluating Health Care Quality
  • Applied Study in Medicine
  • Applied Study in Ambulatory Medicine
  • Applied Study in Family Practice
  • Data Management in Health Care
  • Applied Study in Emergency Medicine
  • Applied Study in Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Applied Study in Pediatrics
  • Capstone* (online)
  • Applied Study in Surgery
  • Applied Study in Mental Health
  • Applied Study Elective

*During the Capstone course, students will be required to demonstrate competency in the research methods required for PA practice.

Students in the PA/MSHI Program are able to save approximately 8 credits’ worth of tuition and a year of coursework by completing the two degrees at the same time.

To learn more about the curriculum requirements for the PA and MSHI degrees, please visit those programs’ pages for more information.


In order to be considered for the PA/HI Dual Degree Program, interested applicants must complete and submit a CASPA application by August 1. Choose the PA/HI dual degree program option on the CASPA application. Northeastern also requires a separate $75 application fee. Please follow the instructions for submitting Northeastern’s $75 application fee on the program’s web page under the “How to Apply”.

Both the CASPA application and $75 application fee must be submitted by the August 1 deadline and your CASPA application verified by August 31.

Admissions decisions for the PA/HI Dual Degree Program will be rendered by the end of December at the same time Traditional PA Program decisions are.

Once you accept our offer to matriculate into the PA/MSHI dual degree option, you are automatically enrolled in that dual option. Written requests petitioning to drop one of the two programs in the PA/MSHI dual degree option will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be submitted to the Physician Assistant Program. Candidates may be requested to meet with the Admissions Committees of both programs. Permission to drop one of the programs is not guaranteed.

Contact Information

For questions related to PA/MSHI Program, please email [email protected].

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