Northeastern University Reclaims MAPA Challenge Bowl Title

The NUPA Class of 2016 Challenge Bowl team took first place in the 2015 Massachusetts Association of Physician Assistants (MAPA) Challenge Bowl held on October 24th. They bested teams from the Tufts University, Boston University, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy of Health Science, Bay Path University, and Springfield College PA programs.

(Pictured from left, Sarah Kolchinsky, Lisa Statz, Alf Carroll, Mindy Mutschler, and Shawn Reap)

(Pictured from left, Sarah Kolchinsky, Lisa Statz, Alf Carroll, Mindy Mutschler, and Shawn Reap)

Alf Carroll, the NUPA 2016 Challenge Bowl team captain, had this to say of his experience:

“The MAPA Challenge Bowl was a fun and exciting experience. It was a great chance to interact with students from other Massachusetts programs and compete with them in friendly competition. I think our team worked really well together and were prepared to take on the challenge. We are all so glad that we were able to represent our program and make them proud by winning it this year!”

The first year students came out to support and cheer on the second year Challenge Bowl team. Tim Lens, NUPA class of 2017, commented on their experience:

“It allowed us to realize the great amount we had already learned in 2 months, to remind us how far we have to go, and to be proud of how far we will have come at the Challenge Bowl next year. I’m so proud to be a part of the Northeastern PA Program!”

Jamie Parece, also from the class of 2017, added:

“Watching the second year students answer questions with certainty and proficiency, I could not believe how proud I was to be part of the Northeastern PA Program. Attending the MAPA Challenge Bowl was a rewarding opportunity to support both the Northeastern program and the PA profession.”

The students expressed a special thanks to Professor Dipu Patel-Junankar, PA-C for her expert “coaching” of the Challenge Bowl team!

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