Minor in Human Movement Sciences

Want to add a human performance or human movement aspect to your studies?

The Minor in Human Movement Sciences will help make the connections between your field of study and the human connection. The experts in Human Movement from the Doctor of Physical Therapy faculty look forward to working with you to add to your skills and thinking about optimizing human performance.

To be admitted to the Minor in Human Movement Science, students must be in good academic standing (minimum 2.0 GPA overall).

Successful completion of the minor requires completion of 17-18 credits.

Required Coursework

All course work must be completed at a minimum grade of C and courses may not be taken Pass/Fall.

3 Required courses

  • BIO 2217/2218 Integrated Anatomy and Physiology lecture and lab (4/1 credits)
  • PT 3400 Human Kinesiology (4 credits)
  • PT 3500 Motor Control of Human Movement (4 credits)

1 Elective from the following:

  • PT 1880 Introduction to Sports Medicine — 4 credits
  • HLTH 2001 Introduction to Clinical Skills — 4 credits
  • PT5410/PT5411 Functional Neuroanatomy Lecture & Lab — 4/1 credits
  • EXSC 4500 Exercise Physiology — 4 credits
  • BIO 2219/ BIO 2220 Integrated Anatomy & Physiology 2 lectures & lab — 4/1 credits
  • PT 5010 Human Gross Anatomy — 4 credits
  • PT 5011 Human Gross Anatomy Lab 15H Core PT5010 — 1 Credit
  • PT 3555 Pathological Effect on Human Movement — 4 credits

Sample Schedule

  • Fall — Bio 2217/2218
  • Spring — PT 3400
  • Summer — 1 PT 3500
  • Fall or Spring – Elective

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Contact Information

Please contact the Bouve Office of Student Services for assistance with course registration or if you have questions about the minor.
[email protected]

Students working on a product design for a physical therapy application

Students are continually seeking further understanding of the human anatomy and movement as they apply these skills to the development of health care related products and software.