Torchilin Study Addresses Unmet Needs in Cancer Therapy

Vladimir Torchilin, PhD was awarded a $1.5 grant from the National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute, which will fund a five-year study focused on introducing a novel class of simple-to-prepare therapeutic preparations, that when combined with traditional chemotherapy, could provide a promising strategy against multidrug resistant (MDR) tumors. His work on the project is entitled “Lipid-dentrimer micellar nanocarriers for siRNA/drug co-delivery in MDR cancer”. Dr. Torchilin is a University Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and is the Director of the Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Nanomedicine (CPBN) which was created to perform studies at the juncture of two fast-growing scientific areas: Biotechnology and Nanomedicine. The Center aims to host and coordinate research in pharmaceutical nanocarriers, controlled drug and gene delivery, drug targeting, intracellular targeting, experimental medical imaging, and cancer immunology, and train young researches in these areas. (For more about the Dr. Torchilin’s research, visit the Center website: )

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Date: 05 05, 2016 | Category: Alumni Newsletter Spring 2016, Pharmaceutical Sciences News, Research, School News |