Quality Indicators

PharmD Program Quality Indicators for Northeastern

NAPLEX Passing Rates for First Attempts

NAPLEX Results


2018 Pass Rates 2019 Pass Rates 2020 Pass Rates
Northeastern 96.00% 91.35% 98.15%
National Average 89.46% 88.34% 88.43%

Did you know that 92% of Northeastern University graduates are employed full-time or enrolled in graduate school within nine months of graduation?   Or that Northeastern University has been ranked “Best Career Services” by The Princeton Review?  That makes seven consecutive years that our career services have been ranked in the top four in the US, including four years at Number 1.

2020 ASHP Post-Graduate Residence Match Process – Phase 1

Phase I Match Residencies Graphic

Residency, Fellowship and Post-Grad Placements

Percent Achieving Post-Graduate Education/Training
2019 Graduating Class

49 Residencies, Fellowships and post graduate degree programs


2018 Graduating Class

51 Residencies and Fellowships


2017 Graduating Class

41 Residencies, Fellowships and post graduate degree programs


On-Time Graduate Rate

137 students entered the first professional year of the program in 2015 (as the class of 2019).

  • PharmD in 4 years

  • PharmD in progress

  • Other NU Degree

  • Left University

PharmD in 4 years (87%), PharmD in progress (7%); Other NU Degree (5%); Left University (1%)

Co-operative Education Program

Students in the PharmD program participate in Northeastern University’s signature cooperative education (co-op) program, which provides up to three 4-month full-time work experiences alternating with full-time campus-based academic work. The school offers the only pharmacy co-op program in the country. Northeastern is affiliated with many world-class practice sites in Metropolitan Boston and throughout the United States, providing students with access to experienced clinicians and scholars in quality health care settings.