Faculty In The Media

Faculty in the Media


School of Pharmacy subject matter experts are often called upon to comment on contemporary health issues. Below are some of our very talented faculty members whose achievements we will be featuring this month:

Professor Todd Brown, RPh, MHP, Clinical Instructor: Todd Brown commented on Fox 25 News regarding rising prices for generic medications. The News raises the question on why these prices are increasing. Brown answers with one example by stating that shortages of raw materials and production problems can also affect generic drug prices. He states, “all of a sudden when there’s a shortage, the price will skyrocket.” He commented on another Fox 25 News topic regarding the high rate of lost or stolen pills from Massachusetts pharmacies. He comments on the unexplained disappearances of these pills by explaining that pharmacies are required to keep a perpetual inventory of drugs with a high use potential and verify that count every 10 days.

Brandon Dionne, PharmD, Assistant Clinical Professor: Dr. Dionne was interviewed and featured on Fox 25 News in a segment discussing the issue of Lyme disease in the northeast region and how to find ways to prevent it. Dionne expresses his concern that infectious disease drugs aren’t a top priority for Big Pharma, and that previous vaccines have been pulled off the market due to adverse human side effects: “Drug companies really want to produce these drugs that treat disease states that are going to require daily use pretty much for the rest of your life,” says Dionne. In the hopes of finding alternative ways to help those infected, researchers at UMass Medical School are working on an antibody to kill tick bacteria, rather than taking the vaccine approach.

Benita Bamgbade, PharmD, PhD, Assistant Professor: Dr. Bamgbade was recently featured in Northeastern News in an article entitled, “Removing Stigma from the Patient-Pharmacist Relationship.” The news covers Dr. Bamgbade’s determination to change pharmacists’ perceptions and empower them to provide better care to patients with mental illness. The article quotes that she “knew the likely causes of this discrepancy: a lack of confidence and comfort in talking to patients with stigmatized mental health disorders.” Dr. Bamgbade states, “They’re people, and they have an illness. But they are not their illness.”

Jason Lancaster, PharmD, BCPS, Associate Clinical Professor: Jason Lancaster has been appointed as a fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) in October 2017. The ACCP recognizes excellence in the practice and science of clinical pharmacy. The fellowship is awarded to individuals who have made sustained contributions to the College and who have demonstrated exceptional performance in clinical pharmacy and/or research.


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