School Awards and Accomplishments

The School of Pharmacy at Northeastern University continues its tradition of excellence, with a number of recent achievements and milestones worth mentioning.

This past September, at the 135th Annual Awards Banquet of the Massachusetts Pharmacists Association, Northeastern’s School of Pharmacy received one of the President’s Awards in recognition of outstanding service to the profession of pharmacy.

Pharmacy graduates from the class of 2018 achieved a 97.17% first-time pass rate on NAPLEX, well above the state and national averages during the same period (May – August 2018).  The PharmD program continues to prepare students for success after graduation, and in particular for post-graduate residencies and fellowships, where 51 graduates from the class of 2018 were placed.

The school continues to rank first among private schools of pharmacy in NIH funding.  Some recent funding includes research from Professors Ganesh Thakur, Ray Booth, Becky Briesacher, Jonghan Kim, Tania Konry, and Barbara Waszczak

Through efforts of established and newly-hired faculty, our school continues to respond to emerging areas of pharmaceutical, social and administrative, and clinical sciences. Our commitment to addressing some of the most challenging aspects of science and health care and to seek out solutions to problems through research remains one of our highest priorities. It’s especially good to see the level of interest in undergraduate, professional and graduate students to participate in the research process in our laboratories and practice sites. These are our future professionals, scientists and leaders and we will be in good hands. Their successes will keep our school’s tradition of excellence alive.

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