Honoring Dean Meriano’s legacy

Dean Meriano instructed his students to prepare and perform at their best consistently. He would have been pleased to know he touched all his students’ lives. There were countless tales about Dean Meriano’s impact on his students’ careers. In addition, a special Legacy Session was held to honor his work, reflect on his impact, and help others comprehend how their legacies interconnect with his.

Drs. Robert Crisafi and John Merianos (Dean Meriano’s nephew) hosted this special luncheon at the Winchester Country Club. Crisafi is the Chairman of the Board of Lyne Laboratories, which he founded in 1965. Before founding Lyne, Dr. Crisafi taught Pharmaceutical Technology from 1956 to 1962 at the New England College of Pharmacy.

Attending the luncheon were alumni from every decade and critical leaders such as Carmen Sceppa, MD, Dean of the Bouvé College of Health Sciences; Tatiana Bronich, Ph.D., Associate Dean of the Bouvé College of Health Sciences; and Dean of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Carolyn Friend, Ph.D., founder and owner of Inheriting Wisdom, and Fred Watkins of the Watkins Group led the legacy discussion and session by highlighting Dr. Crisafi’s legacy journey and how it relates to the wisdom he imparts to Northeastern University students and alumni, a clear continuation of Dean Meriano’s previous work.

For everyone in attendance, the day’s most important messages were to honor those who helped them and to understand that everyone’s legacies are interconnected.

“This is why we will continue highlighting Dean Meriano and the Dean Meriano Future of Pharmacy Fund. His fund conveys a message about helping other students achieve their academic and career goals. This is a legacy that has touched multiple generations of pharmacists and will continue to do so for decades to come,” said Louis Wright, assistant dean of development for Bouvé College of Health Sciences.

To give to the Dean Meriano Future of Pharmacy Legacy Fund, visit: https://giving.northeastern.edu/live/profiles/619-dean-meriano-future-of-pharmacy-legacy-fund

Date: 11 18, 2022 | Category: Alumni News, News |