Health Policy: EpiPens

Steven PizerTr

School of Pharmacy faculty members Tayla Rose, PharmD, and Steve Pizer, PhD, along with health policy researcher Gary Young, JD, PhD, were recently featured in News at Northeastern where they discussed the drastic increase in cost of the Mylan EpiPen – one of the few available medical reliefs for people with severe allergic reactions – and how the price hike will affect the economics of both the healthcare system and healthcare policy. More here

“The EpiPen is just the most recent and visible example of certain drug companies taking advantage of the way FDA review can delay entry of new competitors into specific drug markets. These practices do not promote innovation, and we all pay for the resulting monopoly profits in our taxes and insurance premiums.” – Steve Pizer

Steve Pizer spoke further about the EpiPen on “Greater Boston”, WGBH News on August 1st, 2016. See here

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