Developing the pharmacy leaders of tomorrow

Strong leadership is necessary for any successful company. To help ensure our students possess this important skill, alum Jason Reiser launched the Jason and Jeni Reiser Student Leadership in Pharmacy Practices Fund. In October, students participated in the inaugural Pharmacy Practice Transformation Student Leadership Program, a multi-part program to encourage professional and personal growth.

“I wanted to provide students with opportunities to learn and gain skillsets through practical leadership training. This training will help you deploy the proper tools and techniques to become a leader,” said Reiser.

Students heard the leadership journeys of several panelists, participated in a question-and-answer session, and learned how to “discover their inner leader.”

Program director Karen Poliskey says the program is a great opportunity to support students in their own growth and development.

“The first session was invigorating,” said Poliskey. “The survey and students’ session responses were the inspiration and affirmation I needed to continue to refine the program to help our students to unleash the potential in themselves.”

The next phase will involve application of concepts and provision of supplemental information, including specific tools to become more effective leaders. Stay tuned for the registration link.

Date: 11 18, 2022 | Category: News |