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Founder of Green Line Apothecary Speaks at 2017 White Coat Ceremony


Northeastern alumna, Christina Procaccianti, PharmD, is the owner and pharmacist-in-charge at Green Line Apothecary in Wakefield, RI. Dr. Procaccianti turned a dream into reality when she combined a pharmacy with an old-fashioned soda fountain to create a vintage apothecary.

Her dream began when she worked alongside her father, who sold greeting cards to family-owned pharmacies. As they made their rounds throughout South New Jersey, she fell in love with the mom and pop drugstores, community fixtures serving as so much more than a retail store. Dr. Procaccianti mentioned, “It was then that I fell in love with pharmacy and the idea of being a pharmacist.”

Dr. Procaccianti opened a full-service pharmacy, Green Line Apothecary, her modern version of the classic American drugstore – and yes, there is an old-fashioned soda fountain! Green Line Apothecary consistently strives to make a trip to the drugstore enjoyable again. Dr. Procaccianti mentions, “We are practicing pharmacy the way that I think it should be practiced. This means putting the patient first, pursuing innovations and following a less medicine is more medicine approach.”

Dr. Procaccianti was able to create an educational experience for herself at Northeastern that transcended the classroom. In addition to obtaining her Doctor of Pharmacy, she took on leadership roles reactivating the Alpha Rho chapter of Lambda Kappa Sigma as its co-founder and later serving as its president. Northeastern has left a mark on Dr. Procaccianti, having named her business after the Green Line trolleys passing through campus, the same place she first met her husband. “Our family-owned and operated pharmacy has its roots right here.”

In her keynote remarks at the 2017 White Coat Ceremony, Dr. Procaccianti mentioned to the current first professional year students that they have a very unique opportunity as part of the School of Pharmacy. Dr. Procaccianti explains that this is “because you are at an institution and a city that is the perfect place to instill the grit and work ethic needed to excel in an ever-changing world of healthcare.”


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