Vladimir P. Torchilin

Distinguished Professor and Director, Center for Pharmaceutical
  • Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • School of Pharmacy

Office: 140 The Fenway, Room 211/214
Phone: 617-373-3206
Email: v.torchilin@neu.edu

Education: PhD, DSc, MS, Moscow State University

Bioorganic chemistry
Physiologically active compounds
Experimental pharmacology

Drug carriers
Drug delivery sytems
Drug targeting
Experimental cancer immunology
Imaging agents

The efficacy of drug carriers (including liposomes) can be improved by coating them with certain polymers, thus making them long-circulating. Their properties might be still further improved when they are made targeted by attachment of a target-specific antibody. We are conducting an active research on such long-circulating and targeted pharmaceutical carriers for drugs and diagnostics in a variety of in vitro and in vivo models. II. Many pharmaceutical micelles easily dissociate in vivo. We proposed to use amphiphilic polyethyleneglycol-lipid conjugates for preparing stable polymeric micelles for non-covalent incorporation and delivery of sparingly soluble drugs and diagnostic agents, and are currently investigating very interesting properties of these micelles in vitro and in vivo. III. We have shown that certain non-pathogenic anti-nuclear autoantibodies with nucleosome-restricted specificity are uniquely reactive against the surface of most tumor but not normal cells. Further studies revealed strong anti-tumor potential of these antibodies towards broad spectrum of tumors. Being used intravenously in normal physiological concentrations, monoclonal antibody 2C5 dramatically inhibits aggressive EL4 T cell lymphoma and B16 melanoma in mice. We study currently the mechanism of mAb 2C5 action which seems to be connected with an antibody-mediated cellular cytotoxicity.

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