Sheng-Che Yen, PT, PhD

Assistant Professor
  • Department of Physical Therapy

Office: 308 G Robinson Hall
Phone: 617.373.5980

Postdoctoral Training, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago/Northwestern University, Robotic Rehabilitation
PhD, New York University, Pathokinesiology
MA, New York University, Pathokinesiology
BS, Chung Shan Medical and Dental College, Physical Therapy

Licensed Physical Therapist

Research Interests: 
Dr. Sheng-Che Yen’s research goals are to understand the sensorimotor control of healthy and pathological gait and to advance the effectiveness of gait rehabilitation in patients with neuromuscular disorders.  He is also interested in large dataset analysis to determine the effectiveness of therapeutic outcomes.

PT5133 Kinesiology
PT5133 Kinesiology Lab
HLTH5450 Health Care Research
HLTH5451 Health Care Research Recitation
PT 5227 Physical Therapy Project I
PT5229 Physical Therapy Project II

Peer Reviewed Publications:
Wu M, Landry J, Kim J, Schmit B, Yen SC, & MacDonald J.  Robotic resistance/assistance training improves locomotor function in individuals post stroke: a randomized controlled study. (To Appear in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation).

Wang YC, Hart DL, Deutscher D, Yen SC, & Mioduski, J.  The Self-Report Fecal Incontinence and Constipation Questionnaire (FICQ) in patients with pelvic floor dysfunction seeking outpatient rehabilitation.  Physical Therapy (epub ahead of printing).

Yen, SC, Landry, J, & Wu, M.  Size of error affects retention of locomotor adaptation. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development 2013; 50 (9). 1187-1200.

Wang YC, Hart DL, Deutscher D, Yen SC, & Mioduski, J.  Psychometric properties and practicability of the self-report Urinary Incontinence Questionnaire.  Physical Therapy 2013;93(8):1116-1129.

Yen, SC, Gutierrez, MG, Ling W., Magill R, & McDonough A.  Coordination variability during load carriage walking: can it contribute to low back pain? Human Movement Science 2012; 31(5): 1286-1301.

Wu M, Landry J, Schmit B, Hornby G, Yen SC.  Robotic resistance treadmill training improves locomotor function in human SCI: a pilot study. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2012; 93(5): 782-789.

Yen SC, Schmit B, Landry J, Roth H, Wu M.  Controlled resistance load treadmill training improves overground walking in human with spinal cord injury. Experimental Brain Research 2012;216, 473-482.

Wu M, Landry J, Yen SC, Schmit B, Hornby G, Rafferty M. A novel cable-driven robotic training improves locomotor function in individuals post-stroke.  Conference Proceedings IEEE Medicine and Biology Society 2011; 8359-8342.

Yen SC, Ling W, Magill R., McDonough A, Gutierrez MG.  Temporal relationship between trunk and thigh contributes to balance control during load carriage walking. Gait & Posture 2011; 34, 402-408.

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