Rhonda Board,

Associate Professor, School of Nursing Bouve College of Health Sciences
  • School of Nursing

Office: 408B Robinson Hall
Phone: 617-373-5248
Email: r.board@neu.edu

PhD, Ohio State University
MS, Ohio State University
BS, SUNY at Binghamton. Diploma, Crouse-Irving Memorial Hospital School of Nursing

Certification: CCRN, Critical Care in Pediatrics

Research Focus: Pediatrics, Critical Care
Dr. Board's program of research is focused on investigating the effects of a pediatric critical care hospitalization on children and their families. Her work has moved from investigating parental stress to include a focus on understanding children's stress in the pediatric intensive care unit and expansion from use of self-report to projective measures to inclusion of neuroendocrine measures. She has received research funding from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, American Nurses Foundation, John W. Alden Trust, and National Institute for Nursing Research.

Selected Publications:
Board, R. & Dai, J. (2011). Effects of five parent-and-child risk factors on salivary cortisol levels and symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder in school-age critically ill children: A pilot. Heart & Lung: The Journal of Acute and Critical Care, 40(30), 236-246.

Dunn, K. & Board, R. (2011). Parents and technology in the inpatient pediatric setting. Pediatric Nursing, 37(2), 75-80.

Armola, R.R., Bourgault, A.M., Halm, M.A., Board, R.M., Bucher, L., Harrington, L., et al. (2009).Upgrading the American association of critical-care nurses’ evidence-leveling hierarchy. American Journal of Critical Care, 18(5), 405-409.

Board, R. (2005). School-age children's perceptions of their PICU hospitalization. Pediatric Nursing, 31, 166-175.

Board, R. (2004). Father stress during a child's critical care hospitalization. Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 18, 244-249.

Board, R. , & Ryan-Wenger, N. (2003). Stressors and stress symptoms of mothers with children in the PICU. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 18(3), 195-202.

Board, R. , & Ryan-Wenger, N. (2002) Long-term effects of PICU hospitalization on families with young children. Heart & Lung: The Journal of Acute and Critical Care, 31(1), 53-66.

Board, R. , & Ryan-Wenger, N. (2000) State of the science on parental stress and family functioning in pediatric intensive care units. American Journal of Critical Care, 9(2), 106-122.