Rachel Rodgers

Associate Professor
  • Department of Counseling and Applied Educational Psychology

Office: 418 INV
Phone: 617-373-2105
Email: r.rodgers@neu.edu


Ph.D., Toulouse University, France
M.A., Toulouse University, France

Certification:  Licensed psychologist in France

Specializations:Clinical Psychology

Research Interests:

Dr. Rodgers’ interests are in the area of body image, disordered eating and adolescent/young adult psychopathology, in particular focusing on sociocultural influences on body image and eating concerns. Her research aims both to examine socio-cultural determinants of health-related behaviors but also to generate research which may inform public policy. She is the author of over 50 journal articles and book chapters.


Spring 2012: CAEP 7720 Advanced Clinical Interventions; CAEP 7716 Advanced Research and Data Analysis

Summer 2 2012, 2013: CAEP 6399 Clinical Skills in Counseling Psychology

Spring 2013: CAEP 7720 Advanced Clinical Interventions 

Fall 2013: CAEP 7756 Social Psychology in an Organizational and Ecological Context

Fall 2013 CAEP 6390 History and Systems of Psychology

Recent Publications:


Franko, D. L., Rodgers, R. F., Fernandes, C. A.*, Lovering, M.*, Alfieri, A.*, Roehrig, J.*, & Thompson-Brenner, H. Cover images and article content in Latina magazine: Potential implications for body dissatisfaction in Latina women, Journal of Latina(o) Psychology, in press.

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Garnett, B. R, Buelow, R., Franko, D. L., Becker, C. B., Rodgers, R. F., & Austin, S. B. A pilot evaluation of social marketing campaign Fat Talk Free Week®: The importance of campaign saliency as a predictor of attitude and behavior change, Health Communication, in press.

Rodgers, R. F., Paxton, S. J., & McLean, S. A. (2013). A biopsychosocial model of body image concerns and disordered eating in early adolescent girls, Journal of Youth and Adolescence, in press.

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Rodgers R. F., Melioli T.*, Laconi, S.*, Bui, E., Chabrol, H. (2013). Internet addiction symptoms, disordered eating and body image concerns. Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social networking, 16, 56-60 .