Mary Florentine PhD, FASA, FAAA

George J. & Kathleen Walters Matthews Distinguished Professor
  • Department of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology

Office: 151 Forsyth Building (post stop - 226 Forsyth Building)
Phone: 617-373-2497


  • Pre-doctoral work Electrical Engineering, Institute of Electroacoustics, München, Germany
  • PhD in Experimental Psychology, Northeastern University
  • Post-doctoral work, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research and Scholarly Interests:

  • Auditory Neuroscience, Perceptual Acoustics (Psychoacoustics, especially loudness)
  • Ecologically valid auditory perception
  • Hearing and hearing losses
  • Hearing losses from loud music
  • Basic processing and models of normal hearing and hearing losses
  • Cross-cultural attitudes towards noise and annoyance
  • Hearing-loss prevention through education
  • Ability of non-native listeners to understand speech in noise


Matthews Distinguished University Professor Mary Florentine has affiliations in Bouvé College of Health Science and the College of Engineering. She is a former co-op student, who credits her high-level of job satisfaction to the Northeastern co-op system. Her doctorate is in Experimental Psychology and her post-doctoral work is in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, where she worked as a Research Scientist before joining our faculty. Professor Florentine has authored or co-authored two books and over 120 research papers on various topics, including auditory neuroscience and perceptual acoustics, hearing loss, and cross-cultural attitudes toward noise and annoyance. She has had continuous funding from NIH for about 25 years and has worked in Denmark, Germany, Japan, and the USA. She received NU’s Excellence-in-Teaching Award and she serves as co-advisor to two NU Clubs: Speech & Hearing Club and the Acoustics Club.