Louis J. Kruger

Associate Professor, Executive Committee of School and Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program, Co-Director of the Certificate Program in Early Intervention
  • Department of Counseling and Applied Educational Psychology

Office: 404 International Village
Phone: 617-373-5897
Email: kruger@neu.edu

Education: PsyD, Rutgers University

Certification: School Psychologist

Specializations: School Psychology

Dr Kruger, Associate Professor, is co-editor of the book, High Stakes Testing: New Challenges and Opportunities for School Psychology. His research interests include teamwork, using the Internet for collaboration, and student stress with respect to high stakes testing.

Public Service: Strategic Planning with Schools

Courses: Introduction to Assessment, Consultation and Program Evaluation, Planning and Evaluating Early Intervention Services

Selected Publications:
Kruger, L. J. & Shriberg, D. (Eds.) (2007). High Stakes Testing: New Challenges and Opportunities for School Psychologists. Haworth Press: Binghamton, NY.
Kruger, L. & Lifter, K. (2004). From service teams to learning teams: A reconceptualization of teamwork. In E.M. Horn & H. Jones (Eds.), Interdisciplinary teams. Young Exceptional Children, Monograph Series No. 6, (pp. 83-98).
Kruger, L. J., Maital, S., Macklem, G., Shriberg, D., Burgess, D., Kalinsky, R., Corcoran, K. (2001). Sense of community among school psychologists on an internet site. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 32, 642-649.

Web page: www.globalschoolpsychology.org