Katherine L. Tucker

Adjunct Professor

Phone: 617-373-3666
Email: kl.tucker@neu.edu

PhD, Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University
BSc, Nutritional Sciences, University of Connecticut

Specializations: Nutritional epidemiology; public health nutrition

Research Interests: Nutritional epidemiology; diet and health; health disparities; nutritional status of populations

Public Service (2011):
Chair, Nutritional Sciences Council, American Society for Nutrition and member American Society for Nutrition Executive Board
Scientific Directions Committee, NHLBI Jackson Heart Study, Jackson, MS
Community Advisory Council, Tufts CTSI Center for Aligning Researchers and Communities for Health (ARCH)
Committee to develop Oldways' Healthy Food Pyramid based on the food traditions of the African Diaspora
International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) North America, Food, Nutrition and Safety Program (FNSP) Scientific Advisory Board
Center for Community Health Education Research and Service (CCHERS), Boston, MA, Board of Directors and Finance Committee

Publications (selected from more than 250):

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