Ann Marie Flores, PT, PhD, CLT

Assistant Professor
  • Department of Physical Therapy

Office: 407 E Robinson Hall
Phone: 617–373-2091

Education/degrees:   PhD, Sociology, The Ohio State University; MA, Sociology, The Ohio State University; MS, Physical Therapy, University of Miami (Florida)

Certification: Certified lymphedema therapist

 Rehabilitation Oncology

Research Interests: cancer survivorship, women’s health, health disparities

Public Service:   Director of Research, Section on Women’s Health, American Physical Therapy Association; Member, Committee of Research, Oncology Section, American Physical Therapy Association

Publications (selected):
1.  Dixon PL, Zhang X, Domalain M, Flores AM, Lin VWH. Physical medicine and rehabilitation after face transplantation. In Siemionow MZ (editor).The Know-How of Face Transplantation. Springer-Verlag London, London, UK. 2011. 

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