Amy Briesch

Assistant Professor
  • Department of Counseling and Applied Educational Psychology

Office: 404 International Village
Phone: 617-373-8291

AB, Psychological and Brain Sciences / English & Creative Writing,
Dartmouth College
MA, PhD, Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut

Specializations: School Psychology

Research Interests:
My primary research interests involve the (1) identification and examination of feasible and psychometrically-sound measures for the formative assessment of student social behavior, (2) use of self-management as an intervention strategy for reducing problem behaviors in the classroom, and (3) role of student involvement in intervention design and implementation.

Courses: Personality Assessment, Cognitive Assessment

Recent Publications (* indicates student co-author):
Maggin, D. M., Briesch, A. M., & Chafouleas, S. M. (in press). An
application of the What Works Clearinghouse Standards for Evaluating
Single-Subject Research: Self-management interventions. Remedial and
Special Education.

Volpe, R. J., Mule, C. M.*, Briesch, A. M., Joseph, L. M., & Burns, M. K.
(2011). A comparison of two flashcard drill methods targeting word
recognition. Journal of Behavioral Education, 20, 217-237.

Volpe, R. J., Briesch, A. M., & Gadow, K. D. (2011). The efficiency of
behavior rating scales to assess disruptive classroom behavior: Applying
generalizability theory to streamline assessment. Journal of School
Psychology, 49, 131-155.

Briesch, A. M., Chafouleas, S. M., & Riley-Tillman, T. C. (2010).
Generalizability and dependability of behavioral assessment methods: A
comparison of systematic direct observation and Direct Behavior Rating.
School Psychology Review, 3, 408-421.

Briesch, A. M., Sanetti, L. H., & Briesch, J. M.* (2010). Reducing the
prevalence of anxiety in children and adolescents: An evaluation of the
evidence base for the FRIENDS for Life program. School Mental Health, 2,

Chafouleas, S. M., Briesch, A. M., Riley-Tillman, T. C., Christ, T. J.,
Black, A., & Kilgus, S. P. (2010). An investigation of the
generalizability and dependability of Direct Behavior Rating-Single Item
Scales (DBR-SIS) to measure academic engagement and disruptive behavior
of middle school students. Journal of School Psychology, 48, 219-246.

LeBel, T. J., Kilgus, S. P., Briesch, A. M., & Chafouleas, S. M. (2010).
The impact of training on the accuracy of teacher-completed Direct
Behavior Ratings (DBRs). Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, 12,

Volpe, R. J., Briesch, A. M., & Chafouleas, S. M. (2010). Linking
screening for emotional and behavioral problems to problem-solving
efforts: An adaptive model of behavioral assessment. Assessment for
Effective Intervention, 35, 240-244.

Briesch, A. M., & Chafouleas, S. M. (2009). Development and validation of
the Children¹s Usage Rating Profile for Interventions (CURP-I). Journal
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