Amee L. Seitz, PT, PhD, DPT, OCS

Assistant Professor
  • Department of Physical Therapy

Office: 407 B Robinson Hall
Phone: 617-373-7626

Post-doctoral Visiting Research Scholar, Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Kentucky
Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Shoulder Research Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital
PhD, Rehabilitation and Movement Science, Virginia Commonwealth University
DPT, Physical Therapy, Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions
MS, Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions
BS, Physical Therapy, Ohio University

Licensed Physical Therapist
Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist
American Board Physical Therapy Specialties

Dr. Seitz is the Director of the Biomotion Research Laboratory. The goal of Dr. Seitz’s research is to expand our understanding of the underlying neuromuscular and biomechanical mechanisms of upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders to improve the efficacy of rehabilitation, associated patient outcomes, and decrease healthcare costs.

PT5133 Kinesiology
PT5133 Kinesiology Lab
PT5506 Musculoskeletal Management I Lab
PT 5227 Physical Therapy Project I
PT5229 Physical Therapy Project II

Selected Publications: (Pubmed link to additional publications)

Michener LA, Subasi YesilyaprakSS, Seitz AL, Timmons MK, Wadsworth MK. Supraspinatus tendon and subacromial space parameters measured on ultrasonographic imaging in subacromial impingement syndrome. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy. 2013 June 5; Epub ahead of print. PMID:2373652    

Kardouni J, Seitz AL, Wadsworth MK, Michener LA. Neovascularization Prevalence in the Supraspinatus of Patients with Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy. Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine. 2013 May 31; Epub ahead of print. PMID:23732364 

Kelley MJ, Shaffer MA, Kuhn JE, Michener LA, Seitz AL, Uhl TL, Godges JJ, McClure PW. Shoulder Pain and Mobility Deficits: Adhesive Capsulitis. (A Clinical Practice Guideline Linked to the International Classification of Functioning, Disability).  Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy. 2013;43(5):A1-A31. PMID: 23636125   

Seitz AL, Uhl TL. Reliability and Minimal Detectable Change in Scapulothoracic Neuromuscular Activity. Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology. 2012;22:968-74. PMID:22683057.

Timmons MK, Thigpen CA, Seitz AL, Karduna A, Michener LA. Scapular Kinematics and Shoulder Impingement Syndrome: A Meta-Analysis. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. 2012; 21(4):354-70. PMID:22388171

Seitz AL, Michener LA, McClure PW, Finucane S, Ketchum JM, Walsworth MK, Boardman ND. The Scapular Assistance Test Results in Changes in Scapular Position and Subacromial Space but not Rotator Cuff Strength in Subacromial Impingement. Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy. 2012; 42(5):400-12. PMID: 22333409.

Seitz AL, Reinold, MM, Schneider, RA, Gill, TJ, Thigpen, CA. No Effect of Scapular Position on 3-Dimensional Scapular Motion in the Throwing Shoulder of Healthy Professional Baseball Pitchers. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. 2012; 21:186-93. PMID: 22104491

Seitz AL, Michener LA, McClure PW, Lynch SS, McKinney JL. Effects of Scapular Dyskinesis and Scapular Assistance Test on Subacromial Space during Static Arm Elevation. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. 2012; 21(5):631-40. PMID: 21444218.

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Fleming JA, Seitz AL, Ebaugh DE. Exercise Protocol for the Treatment of Rotator Cuff Impingement Syndrome: Evidence-Based Practice. Journal of Athletic Training. 2010; 45(5):483-485. PMID:20831395.

Kalra N, Seitz AL, Boardman ND, Michener LA. Effect of Posture on Acromiohumeral Distance with Arm Elevation in Rotator Cuff Disease using Ultrasonography. Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy. 2010; 40(10): 633-640. PMID:20710092.

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