SafeCap, 2nd place winner of 2018 Hackathon

The Opioid Crisis is an American epidemic. Together, the SafeCap team came together to solve the gateway to opioid addiction starting in medicine cabinets at home. 1 in 8 high school students abusing prescription drugs say it is from their parents’ “medicine cabinet”. Team members Stephen Alt, Jack Cardin, Nicoleta de Deugd, Anthony Dominianni, Biman Gujral, Shibangi Saha, and Yonatan Smolyar worked to solve this aspect of the crisis. The team consists of Northeastern University students and professionals with experience in computer science and healthcare. Together, through customer and problem validation, the members devised a product prototype to keep your medicines locked and out of reach of children and outsiders, even on the go.

The experience was indeed one for the books. Many prototypes were visited and revisited to finally present a design that met and surpassed those of similar products in the competitive landscape. While fiddling with so many possibilities and room for complications, the team worked to achieve one goal: a simple, low-tech, single point of control. The members took pride in their collaboration and hard work to put a cap on the Opioid Crisis.

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