Dr. Salim Afshar

Surgeon Children’s Hospital Boston


Dr. Afshar is an active surgeon and clinical advisor to the Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. He is passionate about design, strategy and supporting innovation. In addition, he has a background in the arts and engineering, and worked as a care coordinator prior to becoming a surgeon.  After graduating from Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine, he completed his surgical residency within the Partners Healthcare System and focused on applying human factor design and innovation. He has had the opportunity to apply his passion about the user through several key roles in the implementation and design of healthcare software systems and has the experience of designing several devices and implants in the medical technology space. He has been the founder of several companies and is now is actively involved with startups in various roles through both Boston Children’s Hospital Innovation program and the Harvard I-Lab. His academic work is focused on national level health strategy planning and is working with the governments to develop national surgical plans that includes innovation and healthcare sector development as part of the strategy.

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