Health Equity Change Project


The College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH) is offering Experiential Learning Opportunities through their Summer 2019 March Incentive Initiative for Stipend Graduate Assistants (SGA) funding.  This effort will provide opportunities for CSSH doctoral students to obtain a Summer SGA (equivalent to funding for a fifteen-week semester) and thus furthers the college’s efforts to provide full-year SGA support to an increasing number of doctoral students. This incentive program provides faculty members, research centers, and external partners the opportunity to work with an SGA for summer 2019.

Alexandra Alden

The Institute for Health Equity and Social Justice Research’s own SGA, Alexandra Alden has been awarded one of these opportunities.  Alex is a doctoral student in Sociology and has been working as an SGA at the Institute for 3 years.  Through the Northeastern Public Evaluation Lab (a collaboration between IHESJR and the Institute on Race and Justice) she will be continuing the long collaboration IHESJR has with the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC).  She will work with BPHC’s Office of Health Equity (OHE) to evaluate their quality improvement techniques to equity driven change, called Equity Change Projects.  These projects are the Commission’s internal effort to change practices in both business and programs and service to better address their strategic priority of eliminating racial and other health inequities.


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