Carmen Sceppa reappointed as Dean of the Bouvé College of Health Sciences

On behalf of President Aoun, I am pleased to announce the reappointment of Dean Carmen Sceppa for a second five-year term as Dean of the Bouvé College of Health Sciences, starting July 2024. This decision follows extensive consultation with faculty, staff, the Senate Agenda Committee, and other stakeholders. 

Under Dean Sceppa’s visionary leadership, Bouvé College has significantly expanded its impact and reach. Over the past five years, the college has reorganized into four schools that model interprofessional expertise across health disciplines. This restructuring, alongside consistent program ranking improvements, has enhanced Northeastern’s reputation as a leader in healthcare and health sciences education. Research funding has significantly increased, surpassing $35 million annually, with over 50 patents issued or pending. Through strategic program growth, health sciences is one of the top five majors at Northeastern, with our students excelling in graduate and medical schools, as well as in the job market. 

Dean Sceppa has strengthened our commitment to experiential learning, expanding co-op programs, translational research, and real-world clinical experiences. Bouvé students engage with over 3 million patients and clients annually through 6,000 clinical placements, gaining invaluable hands-on experience. 

Bouvé’s reach extends throughout the global network thanks to Dean Sceppa’s efforts, including establishing the Center for Health Sciences in Charlotte and introducing Bouvé majors to the Oakland campus. Her global mindset empowers Bouvé students, faculty, and staff to address critical health issues and workforce shortages nationally.  

Dedication to attracting and retaining top talent has resulted in a 20% increase in faculty and a 103% rise in cross-disciplinary hires. This achievement is associated with the creation of a new hiring philosophy, the acquisition of talent, a commitment to academic excellence, and enhanced operational efficiency, all of which contribute to a dynamic and inclusive academic environment. 

We are deeply grateful for Dean Sceppa’s leadership and the remarkable progress at Bouvé College over the past five years. As we look forward to her second term, we are excited to support her vision and build on the strong foundation she has established.