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Health Equity Internships

Left to right:
Charlotte Gray, 
Alissah Sillah, 
Olivia Sterns, 
Kaitlin Toal

Health Equity Internships

Health Equity Interns are Northeastern University undergraduate students who commit to working four hours a week during one academic semester at the Institute of Health Equity and Social Justice Research in its mission of conducting research towards advancing health equity and social inclusion and reducing health disparities.  Opportunities are available for interns to continue an affiliation with the Institute once the semester internship is completed.

Your Health Equity Internship will include:

  1.  Experience in public health research focused on health equity and social inclusion and reducing health disparities.
  2.  Research skills trainings. Trainings will include but are not limited to literature reviews, reference software, focus groups, and Institutional Review Boards and human subject’s protections.
  3.  Opportunities to meet, learn from, and collaborate with the Institute’s faculty and staff.
  4.  Opportunities to work on projects collaboratively and independently.
  5.  The possibility of presenting at RISE and other dissemination activities.
  6.  Opportunities to convene with other Health Equity Interns.
  7.  Continued supervision throughout the intern program.

Responsibilities include:

  1.  Meeting with the Program Assistant Director to discuss current research opportunities and to determine the focus of the interns work during the semester.
  2.  With the Program Assistant Director and supervisor if different, determine individual intern goals for the semester.
  3.  Conduct research activities related to the determined focus of work. Such tasks can include, but is not limited to conducting literature reviews, data entry, transcription of interviews and/or focus groups, attending project meetings and taking notes.
  4.  Participate in research training activities, Works in Progress Series, and twice a semester internship gatherings.
  5.  Complete an assessment at the end of the semester and meet with the Program Assistant Director to discuss the assessment which includes the goals set in the beginning of the internship.

Applying for a Health Equity Internship: *Fall 2021 Applications are CLOSED*

Interested undergraduate students for Spring 2022 should wait until October of this year to fill out the IHESJR Health Equity Internship application. The Program Assistant Director will meet with each interested student and then prior to the beginning of the next semester make decisions on who will be interns for the next Health Equity Intern cohort and notify all students who interviewed. For any questions, email [email protected]

*Please note that first semester Health Equity Interns must be enrolled in classes and cannot be on co-op.*