Tiana Yom Biography

Tiana Yom

Northeastern University Public Evaluation Lab Program Director  


[email protected]


Areas of Expertise

Program Planning and Evaluation 

Mixed Methods Research  

Strategic Planning 

Community-based Participatory Research  

Training and Development  

Systems Thinking  


Tiana Yom has developed, overseen, and evaluated school- and community-based programs to further health and wellness work in schools, hospitals, homes, and neighborhoods for the past 10 years in Michigan and New York. Prior to joining NU-PEL, Tiana has held administrative, research, and teaching positions in public schools, higher education, non-profit organizations, local government agencies, and hospitals.  

Tiana received her BA in Asian and Asian American Studies from Stony Brook University, MPH in Health Education and Health Behavior from University of Michigan, and Ed.D. in Health Education from Columbia University, Teachers College. Tiana’s current research examines the additive, synergistic impacts of health-risk behaviors on academic success among youth in the United States using Latent Class Analysis. Her research interests are: Educational Equity, Organizational Change and Development, Adolescent Health, Water Access in Schools, Minority Health, Health Promotion, and Social Determinants of Health.

Outside of Northeastern, Tiana is an active member and runner for Team for Kids, a group of committed adult runners who fundraise for physical activity programs designed to combat childhood obesity  and  empower  youth  development  andcharacter-building  in   low-income  schools  and  community  centers 


Publications – Past Five Years

Heo M, Irvin E, Ostrovsky N, Isasi C, Blank AE, Lounsbury DW, Fredericks L, Yom T, Ginsberg M, Hayes S, Wylie-Rosett J. Behaviors and knowledge of Healthcorps New York City high school students: nutrition, mental health, and physical activity. J Sch Health. 2016; 86: 84-95. 


Yom, T., Silva, S., Stein, D., & Quest, B. (2019, April). Professional Learning Communities: Cohort Study of New York City Public Schools. In: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Society of Health and Physical Educators America; 2019 Apr 9-13; Tampa, FL.