Student Researchers Receive PEAK Awards for Summer 2020

Shurobhi Nandi, (under the supervision of Professor Beth Molnar), Michaiah Parker (under the supervision of Professor Tiffany Joseph), Jessica Torres (under the supervision of Professor Tiffany Joseph), Meghna Iyer (under the supervision of Professor Alisa Lincoln), Kenadi Kaewmanaprasert (under the supervision of Professor Tiffany Joseph), Marie Senescall (under the supervision of Professor Emily Mann), and Summer Kelly (under the supervision of Professor Collette Ncube) received PEAK Experiences Awards for students who set the pace for undergraduate research and creative endeavor on campus.

Shurobhi Nandi

Shurobhi Nandi, Perspectives on Building a Statewide Early Childhood System of Care: Findings From the Massachusetts Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Project

Michaiah Parker

Michaiah Parker, Immigrants’ Healthcare Access Under Shifting Public Policies

Jessica Torres, Immigrant Health Research Project

Meghna Iyer, Guardrail Safety

Kenadi Kaewmanaprasert, Health Reform Influence on Immigrant Healthcare Access in the U.S.

Marie Senescall, 826 Writers’ Room Evaluation

Summer Kelly, Understanding Racial/Ethnic Preterm Birth Disparities

The PEAK Awards are funded by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, a progressively structured sequence of opportunities designed to support learners as they continue climbing to new heights of achievement in undergraduate research and creative endeavor throughout their Northeastern journeys. From the beginner surveying the landscape with a Campfire Chat or establishing a Base Camp, to those gaining experience while making the Ascent and Building Bridges, to those reaching the Summit, Blazing new Trails, and Shouting Out their successes, the PEAK Experiences Awards offer something for everyone.