Sara Carr Biography

Sara Carr - Northeastern University

Sara Carr

Assistant Professor of Architecture, Urbanism, and Landscape
College of Arts, Media and Design

[email protected] 

Areas of Expertise



Architecture. She teaches design studios and seminars focused on articulating the connections between urban landscapes, ecological resilience, and health equity. Her research also examines the overlaps between the public realm and public health. Recent publications include articles for Preventive Medicine and LA+ Journal, the University of Pennsylvania Interdisciplinary Journal of Landscape Architecture. She also served as co-chair for a special joint conference for the Association for the Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) and the Association for Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH) entitled Building for Health and Well-Being: Structures Cities Systems. Sara is a licensed architect and also holds degrees in landscape architecture and environmental planning and has worked professionally in New Orleans and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Project Description

Prior to arriving at Northeastern, she held a joint appointment in the School of Architecture and Office of Public Health Studies at University of Hawai’i at Manoa, where she worked with several local nonprofits and agencies on evaluation and design initiatives, including the Hawai’i Department of Health, the Native Hawaiian Health Program at Queens Medical Center, and the Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation. She is also an advisory board member at Design 4 Active Sacramento, a cross-sector, award-winning team that advocates for and advises on active design initiatives.

Publications – Past Five Years

Carr, S. J. (2015). Building Well-Being: Linking the built environment to health. Hawai’i Journal of Medicine and Public Health, 75(1), 22-24   

Carr, S.J. (in press). “Corporeal Ecologies,” LA+ Journal: Vitality, University of Pennsylvania Interdisciplinary Journal of Landscape Architecture  

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Carr, S. J. (2016). “Imagining Islais Creek: Integrating ecological and human health in San Francisco,” In Case Study Strategies for Architects and Designers: Integrative Data Research Methods. Sarvimaki, M. (ed.) Routledge. 

Carr, S.J. (in press). The Topography of Wellness: Health and American Urban Landscape. Charlottesville, VA: University of Virginia Press.  

Carr, S.J. and Lassiter, A. (2016). “Big Data, Small Apps: Premises and products of the civic hackathon,” in Seeing Cities Through Big Data: Research, Methods and Applications in Urban Informatics. Thakuriah, P.; Tilahun, N.; and Zellner, M. (eds.). Springer. 

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Zusman, E. E., Carr, S. J., Robinson, J, Kasirye, O., Zell, B., Miller, W. J.,… & Williams, F(2015). Moving towards implementation: the potential for accountable care organizations and private-public partnerships to advance active neighborhood design. Journal of Preventive Medicine, 69, S98-S101.