Rachel Rodgers Biography

Rachel Rodgers

Rachel Rodgers - Northeastern University

Associate Professor of Applied Psychology
Bouvé College of Health Sciences

[email protected] 

Areas of Expertise

Body image
Disordered eating and other appearance-changing behaviors
Sociocultural models


Rachel Rodgers, PhD, FAED, is an associate professor of Applied Psychology at Northeastern University, and Director of the Applied Psychology Program for Appearance and Eating Research (APPEAR).  Dr. Rodgers received her PhD from the University of Toulouse in France. Her research with APPEAR focuses on body image, disordered eating and other appearance-changing behaviors. Grounded in sociocultural models, this work aims to develop models of the effects of socio-cultural determinants on body image concerns and related behaviors, with a view to prevention of eating disorders and associated concerns at the individual level and also through public policy.  She is a collaborating mentor with the STRIPED program at Harvard School of Public Health, a fellow of the Academy for Eating Disorders, and a member of the Advisory Board of Model Alliance.

Project Description

An alarming proportion of women suffer from some form of disordered eating  Both the fear of (becoming) fat and the desire for thinness have been identified as core elements of eating disorders that contribute to their development and persistence. However, much of the previous research has focused on thoughts rather than feelings in eating disorders, these dimensions have been somewhat overlooked. The present project aims to address this gap in the research and develop a way to reliability elicit, and to objectively measure fear of fat and desire for thinness using script-driven imagery, so as to study their role in the development and maintenance of eating disorders.

Publications – Past Three Years

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