Public Mental Health and Substance Misuse Research

Area of Focus

Public Mental Health and Substance Misuse Research

The Institute is the home to researchers whom are national leaders in a broad range of behavioral health issues impacting diverse populations with a special emphasis on improving the lives of people using public mental health and services to address substance misuse.

Current projects focus on the relationships among social characteristics and mental health outcomes including access to education, employment, stigma and discrimination experienced by people with serious mental illness, understanding the ways experiences of discrimination contribute to poor mental health and addiction outcomes, and mental health promotion strategies.

The work is informed by our knowledge of the importance of meeting the needs of people with multiple health and social challenges, including co-morbidities among behavioral health and medical issues, as well as the socio-economic and neighborhood contexts of the lives of urban populations.

In addition, Institute researchers have led the development, implementation and evaluation of nationally recognized behavioral health programs in partnership with city, state and Federal agencies.

These interventions are designed to support people as they manage and recover from the challenges associated with mental illness, substance misuse, and trauma.

Our work also examines the impact of several US drug- and health-related laws (e.g., prescription drug monitoring programs, medical marijuana laws) on substance use, drug and alcohol treatment, and overdose, among people who inject drugs and women with HIV and the pathways through with these laws shape HIV viral suppression among people with HIV.

This research will generate evidence concerning whether and how drug- and health-related laws influence substance use, overdose, and drug and alcohol treatment among key populations in the US, and inform future policy responses and structural interventions.

Finally, we have led the way in developing expanded strategies for increasing community involvement in the research process and in particular the use Community-Based Participatory Research methods in mental health research.

Alisa Lincoln - Northeastern University

Alisa Lincoln (Lead)
Director of IHESJR
Northeastern University

Beth Molnar - Institute for Health Equity and Social Justice Research, Northeastern University

Beth Molnar
Associate Professor
Northeastern University

Laura Senier - Northeastern University

Laura Senier
Associate Professor
Northeastern University

Chieh Li
Associate Professor
Northeastern University

Meryl Alper - Institute of Health Equity and Social Justice, Northeastern University

Meryl Alper
Associate Professor
Northeastern University

Andrea Grimes Parker, Northeastern University

Andrea Parker
Associate Professor
Northeastern University

Rachel Rodgers - Northeastern University

Rachel Rodgers
Associate Professor
Northeastern University

Leo Beletsky

Leo Beletsky
Associate Professor
Northeastern University


Overview The Boston Consortium of Services for Men in Recovery, which began in 2009, implements and evaluates a model of integrated substance abuse and mental health treatment for men of [...]

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Human Services and State Government Alignment Project

  • Public Mental Health and Substance Misuse Research
Background The project aims to address a critical research gap and important public health problem. Chinese American adolescents (CAAs) are at elevated risk for mental health concerns, including depression and [...]

Preventing Depression of Chinese American Adolescents through Mobile Health Application

  • Public Mental Health and Substance Misuse Research

Dr. Alisa Lincoln and her team at Northeastern University will work closely with the Department of Mental Health and Massachusetts stakeholders to develop and write the Massachusetts Strategic Plan for identifying and intervening early with people at risk for or experiencing psychosis (FEP) and their families with attention to the diversity of communities residing in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Strategic Plan for Prevention, Early Detection and Intervention with Psychosis

  • Public Mental Health and Substance Misuse Research
Description The Early Childhood Mental Health Family Independence, Resilience, Support, and Treatment (ECMH FIRST) project began in October 2019 and expands the LAUNCH/MYCHILD model previously developed and evaluated by this team [...]

Evaluation of the Early Childhood Mental Health Family Independence, Resilience, Support, and Treatment (ECMH FIRST) Project

  • Public Mental Health and Substance Misuse Research

The purpose of this evaluation study is to determine the effectiveness of the SOC project on early child care service systems’ functioning, children’s mental, behavioral, and developmental health outcomes, and the project’s impact on collaboration across the system of care.

Evaluation of the Massachusetts Multi-City Young Children’s Mental Health System of Care (SOC) Project

  • Public Mental Health and Substance Misuse Research

This study aims to adapt and modify Adult Basic Education and the development of evidence-based methods to improve the reading skills of people with mental illness, which may have a broad public health impact.

Literacy Intervention Development Team

  • Public Mental Health and Substance Misuse Research



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