New Article Quoting Dr. Beth Molnar and Dr. Alisa Lincoln

Institute Director Alisa Lincoln and Director of Violence Prevention and Trauma studies at the Institute, Beth Molnar are quoted in Northeastern’s News article titled “To Survive A Trauma Like the Capitol Riot. It Helps to Discuss It.” The article quoted an explanation from Alisa Lincoln about how discussions around trauma helps reduce the stigma of mental health.
The article also mentioned the ​importance of addressing the deeply disruptive fears that can continue to haunt people long after a traumatic event has occurred. Beth Molnar’s collaborative work on the Vicarious Trauma Toolkit, a comprehensive online toolkit on how to address the impacts of trauma suffered by those aiding and supporting people who have been directly traumatized, such as counselors at rape crisis centers or emergency medical teams, was featured in the news article.
 Beth Molnar - Institute for Health Equity and Social Justice Research, Northeastern University