Miso Kim Biography

Miso Kim - Northeastern University

Miso Kim

Assistant Professor of Experience Design
College of Arts, Media and Design

[email protected] 

Areas of Expertise

Design, interaction design, information design, communication planning, technological literacy


Dr. Miso Kim, is an assistant professor of Experience Design in the Department of Arts + Design at Northeastern University. She holds a PhD in Design, an MDes in Interaction Design, and an MDes in Communication Planning and Information Design from the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University. She also holds a BS in Architecture from Sungkyunkwan University in Korea. Prior to joining Northeastern, Miso worked as a Senior User Experience Designer in the Cloud Collaboration Technology Group at Cisco Systems in Silicon Valley, leading efforts to redesign WebEx’s virtual meeting experience. She studies service design through humanist frameworks such as arts, humanities, and philosophy. Specifically, she is interested in enhancing dignity, autonomy, and participation in service.

Project Description

The Institute of Aging predicts that adults aged 65 and over will comprise 20% of the United States population by 2030. Furthermore, approximately 12.7 million adults aged 65 and older live alone, including 40% who are aged 85 and older. As this population grows older, dependency on services increases as control over physical abilities decreases. As services are increasingly mediated by digital technology, technological illiteracy is becoming a social problem that is leading to health inequity and a decreased sense of health autonomy. However, little is known about this group’s needs for technology literacy, even though technology is an important factor for autonomy and social well-being. Our society lacks systems that can educate older adults, support their adoption of rapidly changing technologies, and assist them with the maintenance of digital devices.

In this pilot study, we will design a service to support older adults when learning how to use digital technology so they can have sustainable access to healthcare information and services. In doing so, we intend to improve the elderly population’s sense of health autonomy. We will adopt a human-centered design process to develop the human and technological aspects of this service system and to better understand the perspectives of older adults. The team will perform an ethnographic study of adults aged 65 and older to identify their needs in relation to technology literacy and health autonomy. Based on our research findings, we will design a service system that connects older adults, student volunteers, local libraries, and community centers with digital assets, such as online meetings and apps, as well as a participatory component, such as a workshop that uses a set of cards and games to enhance the technological literacy of older adults and improve their health autonomy.

Publications – Past Five Years

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