Lorna Hayward Biography

Lorna Hayward

Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
Bouvé College of Health Sciences

[email protected] 

Areas of Expertise

Adaptive sports programming, international service-learning, innovation in educational approaches, intraprofessional teaming, student-faculty partnerships


Dr. Lorna Hayward, is an associate professor of Physical Therapy in the Department of Physical Therapy, Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences at Northeastern University (NU). She holds an EdD in Curriculum Design, a Masters in Public Health in Health Services, and a BS in Physical Therapy from Boston University in Boston, MA. She also has a clinical doctorate in physical therapy (DPT) from NU. Prior to joining Northeastern, Lorna worked as a clinician, researcher, in the health insurance industry. She has traveled with NU physical therapy students on 17 different service trips to three countries to provide pro bono physical therapy. In addition, she started and managed two adaptive sports programs in greater Boston, one in soccer and one in basketball, for children with disabilities.

Project Description

The proposed project advances the goal of health equity by increasing access to intramural athletics for college students with physical and intellectual disabilities. College students with disabilities, including those with spinal cord injuries or other neurological and orthopedic impairments need opportunities for participation in intramural athletics on campus. However, few deliberate strategies for developing intramural adapted and inclusive college sports programs exist. For people with disabilities, athletic activity must be adapted to their physical and/or intellectual limitations. Adaptions can involve modifications to equipment, rules, and assistance by professionals who understand an athlete’s unique physical or intellectual needs. Adaptive sports programs provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in community-based athletics which may contribute to the development of skills in independence, confidence, and physical fitness. Physical therapists are educated to create interventions that promote health, wellness, and fitness in clients with physical impairments and functional limitations.  Physical therapists, in collaboration with other professionals including clinicians, able-bodied college students, and community members can design, implement, and evaluate community-based adaptive sports programs.

Equitable access to sports for people with disabilities provides opportunities for fitness and social interaction which is important for both physical and health and mental health. Reduced physical activity places people with disabilities at risk for decreased fitness and health consequences associated with inactivity such as obesity, poor cardiovascular health, reduced strength, and flexibility. Students with disabilities, are a growing demographic on college campuses, however, as a group they remain underrepresented and marginalized.

The proposed innovation is to start, promote, and research the physical and emotional impact of a Volt hockey program for NU students with disabilities. The program will be run in collaboration with the Boston Self-Help Center, and the NU Disabled Students group, NUDiversability. The Boston Self Help Center (BSHC) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit run by and for people with disabilities. The organization advocates for adaptive sports programming for people with disabilities. NUDiversability is a club on campus for students with disabilities.

Publications – Past Three Years

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