Images of Urban Health

The Institute for Health Equity and Social Justice Research hosted a photography contest in collaboration with the College of Art, Media, and Design (CAMD). 

IHESJR is devoted to research and its practical application to improve the health and well-being of residents of Boston and other urban communities.  The Institute is focused on the social determinants of health in urban settings, the promotion of health equity and the elimination of health disparities.  Northeastern University undergraduate Photography students in CAMD submitted photographs that represented their perspective on urban health.

10 photographs were chosen and now hang on the walls of the Institute for Health Equity and Social Justice Research.  They represent the work the Institute is dedicated to and illustrates its commitment to cross college collaborations.  Please feel free to come and visit the Institute and see these great photographs.

The winners

Top row, left to right: Jonah Min (contestant), Alex Morris (contestant), Georgia Wilkinson (contestant), Elizabeth Wu (contestant) Suzanne Garverich (IHESR Program Manager)


Color around corners - winning photo of street corners

First place: Seojin Park for her work entitled Colors around the Corners


Boston food bank

Second Place: Alex Morris, for her work entitled Boston Food Bank


Buddhist monk sitting on a bench under a tree in the sunlight

Third Place: Jonah Min, for his work captioned “Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” – Greek Proverb


Fruit market with people chatting

Honorable Mention: Georgia Wilkinson for her work entitled Discussions at Haymarket