Highlighting Past Health Equity Interns

Health Equity Interns are undergraduate students that commit to helping the Institute for Health Equity and Social Justice Research conduct research towards advancing health equity and social inclusion and reducing health disparities. Many of our interns graduate Northeastern University to do great things related to advancing health equity and reducing health disparities.  Here are what three graduates Abigail Cahill, Caroline Kim, and Magdalena Pankowska have been up to since they graduated.

Abigail did work within the Institute with Dr. Andrea Parker, an IHESJR Faculty Scholar, on her research on the #MeToo movement and is now enrolled in an MD/MPH program at Tulane University’s School of Medicine with her MPH focusing in Community Health Sciences.

Caroline was a former Health Equity Intern that worked on literature reviews and transcribing qualitative data for projects including trauma informed substance abuse treatment for women and identifying relevant themes. For the past year, she was studying at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine getting her MSc in Epidemiology. Currently, Caroline has started her MD program at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine.

Magdalena graduated from Northeastern’s combined BS/MPH and worked as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Institute studying the impact of health policies on access to substance use treatment among women with and at risk for HIV. Currently, she works as a Research Data Analyst at the Center of Excellence in Women’s Health at Boston Medical Center working on research aiming to identify opportunities that improve health care delivery and quality of life among cancer patients.

We are lucky and grateful to have worked with individuals passionate about health equity and social justice. We congratulate all of our graduated interns on their accomplishments and are excited to see the ways in which they incite change! Below are excerpts of how the Health Equity Internship has affected  Abigail, Caroline, and Magda’s paths.

Abigail Cahill

“I most definitely would not have found my way into community health this early on if it wasn’t for all of the doors opened through the HEI.” – Abigail Cahill

Caroline Kim

“I often think about how lucky I am to have been a Health Equity intern. It has been so life-changing, not only in terms of my career aspirations but also in terms of rethinking my personal values.” – Caroline Kim

“During my time at the IHESJR, I gained valuable experience in new areas of research that contributed to my pursuit of a career in health disparities research. Most importantly, I had the opportunity to work with incredible mentors who were extremely supportive and invested in my growth as a student researcher.” – Magdalena Pankowska