Honoring Academic Excellence- HEI Awards

Each year, Northeastern honors students, faculty, and staff who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, research, teaching, or service. These honorees reflect Northeastern’s mission and highest ideals: a global university powered by experience, innovation, and partnership. The following are three Health Equity Interns who earned recognition for their outstanding achievements. 

HEI Taylor Smith won the Northeastern Outstanding Capstone Project award. Her project, Intersection of Arts and Public Health: A Tool for Boston Communities, looks at arts-based public health interventions and how they can be implemented into Boston communities to address health inequities. 

Former HEI Connor Holmes won the Harold D. Hodgkinson Award—Northeastern’s top undergraduate honor— and the Fulbright award for having inside and outside the classroom commitment to advancing global health.

HEI Zoe Harris won Northeastern’s Outstanding Graduate Student Award for having displayed superior capacity in the varied demands of graduate study, from committed teaching and leading-edge research to inspirational leadership and the effective integration of technological, data, and human literacies.

Congratulations all!