Health Equity Interns Endorsed for the Truman Scholarship

IHESJR Health Equity Interns Jeanine Nasser, Rayna Haque and Ramya Kumar are three of the four Northeastern’s nominees  for the Truman Scholarship. This highly competitive, merit-based award funds graduate schooling en route to recipients’ careers in public service.

This award recognizes the accomplishments and ambitions of junior-level students and U.S. citizens related to leadership in public service, providing significant funding for graduate study, internship opportunities, mentorship, and connection with a network of distinguished alumni. This year, the nominations were four accomplished and ambitious students whose extensive research and advocacy have focused on addressing health inequities and improving the lives and well-being of those neglected and mistreated within our current regime – refugees, children, Black, Indigenous, People of Color populations – through a variety of mechanisms, including telemedicine, improved medical training, new pathways to the PhD, and early childhood interventions amongst others.

Read more at Northeastern University Truman Scholarship Announcement

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Jeanine Nasser

Ramya Kumar