Daphney Mirand Biography

Daphney Mirand

Areas of Expertise

Health education (cancer, exercise, and nutrition)

Communities of color work

Tackling health disparities in communities of color


Daphney Mirand is a passionate community health professional with a deep commitment to health equity. With experience working to help communities of color tackle health disparities, Daphney has held various administrative, health care, and health educator positions in non-profit organizations, hospitals, and higher education. She has worked extensively with patient data systems and has a keen understanding of the importance of data in identifying and addressing health disparities.

Daphney received her B.S in Community Health and Wellness from Curry College and her M.S in Exercise and Health Sciences from UMass Boston. Prior to joining Northeastern, Daphney worked as a Patient Navigator and Community Health Worker at Boston Medical Center, where she was responsible for helping patients navigate the complex healthcare system and connecting them with the resources, they needed to manage their health. Her experience working on the frontlines of healthcare has given her a unique perspective on the challenges facing underserved communities, and she is committed to using her skills and knowledge to advocate for health equity and improve health outcomes for all.

Outside of Northeastern, Daphney is an active member of the American Public Health Association: Black Caucus of Health Workers, a caucus that provides programs that explore the special nature of public health problems facing people of color in the United States, including poverty, discrimination, and lack of medical and health care access; equal opportunity for work force entry and advancement; and related issues.

At Northeastern, Daphney Mirand is the Project Manager for grant-funded evaluation research projects in the Molnar Violence and Trauma Research lab at the Institute on Health Equity and Social Justice Research. In this role, she is overseeing a project evaluating early childhood mental health intervention with collaborators from the Boston Public Health Commission and a project evaluating Child Sexual Abuse prevention with collaborators from Prevent Child Abuse Vermont and Safe Shores, a Child Advocacy Center. Her work is focused on improving the well-being of vulnerable populations and advancing the field of public health.

Publications – Past Five Years

Xiao, V., Battaglia, T., Casanova, N., Mirand, D., Dorgilus, R., Lozandieu, S., et al.(2020, July 28 – August 6). Development of a Micro-costing Tool Using Practice-Engaged Methods to Assess the Cost of a Multi-Site Patient Navigation Intervention [Conference session]. Academy Health Annual Research Meeting, Boston, MA, United States.