Collette Ncube Biography

Collette Ncube

Collette Ncube, DrPH MPH MS

Future Faculty Fellow
Institute of Health Equity and Social Justice Research

Areas of Expertise

Perinatal and social epidemiology


Dr. Ncube is a perinatal and social epidemiologist. Her overarching goal as a scientist is to improve our understanding of the systems within which health disparities, including racial and ethnic disparities, in maternal and child health are generated and perpetuation, in order to be able to develop interventions and propose policies to effectively address them.

Project Description

Her body of work to date supports the transmission of poor birth outcomes across generations, differences in these associations by maternal race, offspring sex, and intergenerational social and economic neighborhood context. Current research projects fall broadly under the umbrella of maternal and child health, including determinants of fetal death, maternal mortality, and lifecourse factors associated with black-white disparities in birthweight.

Publications – Past Five Years

Akobirshoev, I., Mitra, M., Parish, S. L., Moore Simas, T. A., Dembo, R., & Ncube, C. N. (2018). Racial and ethnic disparities in birth outcomes and labor and delivery-related charges among women with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 63(4), 313-326.  

Dubowitz, T., Ncube, C., Leuschner, K., & Tharp-Gilliam, S. (2015). A natural experiment opportunity in two low-income urban food desert communities: Research design, community engagement methods, and baseline results. Health Education and Behavior, 42(1), 87S-96S.  

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