Claudia Santelices Biography

Claudia Santelices

Claudia Santelices

Assistant Research Professor
Department of Health Sciences
Sociology & Anthropology Department
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

Substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, minority populations


Dr. Claudia Santelices is an anthropologist who has worked on a series of basic and applied federally funded drinking, substance use, HIV/AIDS prevention studies and other health related diseases affecting minority populations. Her research has had strong emphasis on migrant populations in Connecticut, including Mexicans, Guatemalans, Jamaicans and Brazilians. Prior to joining the IUHRP in October 2008, Dr. Santelices was an Associate Research Scientist at the Center for Community Health Research at the Hispanic Health Council in Hartford, CT and Center for Health Intervention and Prevention (CHIP) at the University of Connecticut. At the IUHRP, where she is also Associate Research Scientist, Dr. Santelices has been the ethnographer on many evaluation projects, including the Moving on to Recovery and Empowerment (MORE), the Women’s HIV Prevention Leadership Training Institute (WLTI), Safe and Sound Recovery (SSR), and the Post-Partum Women and Infants Study (PPWI). She is currently the ethnographer and Evaluation Coordinator of two recently SAMHSA-funded studies, The Boston Consortium Model Enhancement: Integrated Wellness Model for Women of Color (BCME) and the Providing Access to Addictions, Treatment, Hope and Support (PAATHS).

Publications – Past Three Years

Pivovarova, E., Evans, E. A., Stopka, T. J., Santelices, C., Ferguson, W. J., & Friedmann, P. D. (2022). Legislatively mandated implementation of medications for opioid use disorders in jails: A qualitative study of clinical, correctional, and jail administrator perspectives. Drug and alcohol dependence, 234, 109394.

Evans, E. A., Stopka, T. J., Pivovarova, E., Murphy, S. M., Taxman, F. S., Ferguson, W. J., Bernson, D., Santelices, C., McCollister, K. E., Hoskinson, R., Jr, Lincoln, T., Friedmann, P. D., & MassJCOIN Research Group (2021). Massachusetts Justice Community Opioid Innovation Network (MassJCOIN). Journal of substance abuse treatment, 128, 108275.

Matsumoto, A., Santelices, C., & Lincoln, A. K. (2021). Perceived stigma, discrimination and mental health among women in publicly funded substance abuse treatment. Stigma and Health, 6(2), 151–162.