Alisa Lincoln Featured on What’s New Podcast

What’s New Podcast is an exploration of new ideas and discovery from Northeastern University Library hosted by Dan Cohen. The latest episode, “Inequality and Mental Health”, features Alisa Lincoln, an interdisciplinary Professor of Health Sciences and Sociology/Associate Dean of Research at the College of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Director of the Institute for Health Equity and Social Justice Research at Northeastern University. Americans now recognize inequality as one of the greatest challenges we face. While the news often focuses on the obvious aspects of inequality, such as large disparities in income and wealth, inequality has more hidden, but just as insidious, impacts on other critical aspects of the lives of millions. Although mental health and mental illness are shaped by a complex array of biological, genetic, environmental, behavioral, and social factors, studies have shown that inequality often exacerbates and extends serious problems. On this episode, we look at inequality’s wide-ranging effects on mental health-and whether there might be ways to reverse the damage.