Recent Publication from Affiliated Faculty Wallis Adams and Director Alisa Lincoln

Wallis Adams (IHESJR Affiliated Faculty) and Alisa Lincoln’s (Director of IHESJR) article, “Barriers to and Facilitators of Implementing Peer Support Services for Criminal Justice–Involved Individuals”, was recently published in Psychiatric Services. It is a qualitative study exploring factors associated with the adoption, implementation and maintenance of community-based peer support services for justice-involved individuals, also known as “forensic peer support” services. The article is based off of Wallis’ dissertation research, for which she earned a Doctorate in Sociology here at Northeastern University in 2018 under the guidance of Alisa Lincoln.


A Taking Issue piece by Swartz et al. (2021), also in Psychiatric Services, draws on Adams and Lincoln’s article to make the case for eliminating the “Inmate Exclusion Policy” in order to improve peer support and other services for justice-involved people living with a mental illness.